Below is a selection of my clients comments and feedback. I enjoy working with a wide range of people and ages, from new Mum’s, to shop- shy men, time pressed high fliers and retired professionals.

References are also available on request.

Rebecca, Actor
“Anna is so knowledgeable, experienced and very kind .She is also thoughtful, patient and intuitive. She listens to what is going on beyond the clothes. She opened up a whole new way of approaching my wardrobe . I now have a calm and simple system when it comes to choosing what to wear .
I know what to look for when I go shopping and no longer buy frantically and with random choices that I later regret .
Anna helped me understand my body shape . That is my shape I was born with and weight loss or gain ( more likely !) will not change that.
She also made me think about “my style ” . Something else I’d never consciously considered .
As an Actor , I have to audition a lot and what I wear, what I am trying to represent, how I am selling myself , is very important . Anna has provided me with the knowledge to make good , simple choices that allow me to forget about the worry of “what shall I wear ?” and to focus on the job in hand .
She also helped me clear out so many clothes that I’d been hanging on to for years , that I would never wear again .
Better than any face cream !”

Mary-Anne, Pyschotherapist 

“We covered so much and got through so many clothes! The session enabled me to see my clothes differently. To see new ways to wear them. And to appreciate how different styles and shapes suited and didn’t suit me. Your manner was so helpful and lovely. It exceeded all my expectations! ”

Sara, Actor 
“Think Trinny & Suzannah without the humiliation… she’s lovely!”

Sarah, Mum and Events Manager

“I thoroughly enjoyed my colours session with Anna. She began by analysing my skin tone and eye colour and then we worked through a palette of colours in the form of pashmina scarves. It was relaxed, informative and great fun. She showed me which colours and tones suited me and why and gave me lots of personalised tips on how to accessorise and how to wear my colours in different seasons. I chose a few items in my wardrobe that I wasn’t sure about colour-wise and it was very helpful to have her opinion on them. The great thing about Anna is that she doesn’t tell you to stop wearing any unsuitable colours that you may have, just how to wear them differently with a few, inexpensive tips. I now realise that those days (not enough I’m afraid) where people comment on how well I look are mostly because I’ve chosen the right colours to wear. I came away with a much better understanding about how I can very easily make an ok outfit into a gorgeous one just by choosing the right colour and accessorizing. With my personalised palette of colours in hand, I feel excited and much more confident about shopping for clothes in the future. Thank you Anna!”


Kate, Director KO Performance Consulting

“Getting Anna to sort through my wardrobes with me was one of the best decisions I have made this year.  She was absolutely lovely to work with and quickly understood me, so that she could advise me in a way that felt totally tailored to my needs.  Over two morning sessions she helped me to understand what suited me and what things did not, and gave me the courage to get rid of things I did not wear any more.  She then organised all my clothes for me and suggested a few “missing” items to buy.  As a result I can now see and find things easily in my wardrobe and have discovered new combinations of clothes that I would never have thought of.  It literally makes my life easier every day – less is definitely more.  I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

Anna, Marketing Director

“In general your approach made me feel very at ease. The ‘body shape’ stuff came out in the natural course of conversations -particularly as most post-baby mums are very self-conscious about their new body shape/scars and will slightly dread this bit!! It was a subtle way to go and the focus on the good bits made me feel good.
I was amazed how you knew immediately that an item was wrong before I’d even tried it on. It would have been very tedious to have to try everything on.  The balance of trying some items on versus just chatting through an item worked great – as I didn’t feel I was constantly having to de-robe and this made it a nice relaxing evening. I felt very confident that you knew exactly what was right/wrong for me and I trusted your judgement implicitly”

Will, Professional Chef

“I really enjoyed the day. I thought the balance was perfect budget wise – I worked out that we spent about £40 per piece, despite going a little nuts in Liberty. If anything, the only negative was that I would have happily shopped on for another hour or two!”

Debbie, Mother of two

“I am not a shopper, but shopping with you was a really enjoyable experience. Your advice and knowledge gave me great confidence in items I would not have picked myself. Since doing the shopping trip I have bought a few more items based on your advice. I have also had lots of comments and will now use the shop assistants as they should be used! My husband said he would have paid you double!”

Sarah, Literary Agent

“A quick note of feedback to say how grateful I am for all the help you gave me in the run up to my wedding. Finding the perfect thing (at ten weeks’ notice) seemed an impossible task, and I honestly don’t think I could have done it without your wisdom and expertise. Your clear-sightedness in working out what I wanted (when I could only see what I didn’t want), and in guiding me towards likely and flattering candidates, and your patience while I was at the cliff edge of Accessorising really made a huge difference, amidst all the planning and then on the day itself. I can’t thank you enough.”

Charlotte, Assistant Buyer (and new Mum!)

“Having not shopped for so long I felt like I had lost my confidence and needed some direction.  Really liked how you got me thinking about my existing wardrobe and how I could wear some of my pieces in a different way, especially cutting the sleeves off my leather jacket…. loving that idea!  You got me looking in shops I would never usually go in ie Kew, trying on things I wouldn’t look twice at ie the beige stripe dress in COS and getting me in some colour, really loved wearing the green jersey dress from Whistles yesterday.  All your tips about layering pieces to create different looks or to take you through seasons are perfect and so simple, but I was just lacking the ideas and inspiration before. And just want to say a big thank you really, you really understood what I wanted and needed and I’ve come away with a new enthusiasm for my old and new exciting wardrobe.”

Ingrid, Housewife and Business Analyst

“Anna is truly talented.  Her approach as a style consultant is efficient and well-structured.  The choices she made for me were not only stylish, but were tailored to my specific needs, budget and personal style.  She also happens to be a lovely lady making the experience stress-free and thoroughly enjoyable.”

Pauline, Retired Occupational Therapist

“Anna came to my home a couple of weeks ago to help me sort out my very dull wardrobe! There were ‘special occasion ‘ garments, worn once , which would  probably never see the light of day again.  I am 68 years old and you might think that it was about time that I knew what suited me. Well, I think I do,  but Anna pointed out some glaring mistakes, namely rather too many cheap and not very cheerful purchases from supermarkets, and the odd sale item which she pointed out was probably in the sale for a reason.! Cheap material is not flattering because it cannot ‘hang well’ apparently.
Anna is a dear, and she persuaded me to part with much of my hoard. This horrified me at first, but we arranged a second visit and went out together. Anna has taught me how to put together basic items, demonstrated how a mis-judged colour choice can drain all colour from the ageing face, and quite frankly given me the  confidence to shop alone in a much more sensible way, which in the end will also prove to be more economical. Scarves and necklaces now adorn my life –  the odd splash of the right colour  really does do  great things.
I really can’t convey how delightful Anna is, kind and professional at the same time. I would recommend her to anyone of any age, but she is certainly wonderful with the more mature client.”

Sue, Head of Communications

“I spent an enjoyable evening with Anna going through a wardrobe Management session. We cleared out all the clutter, and focused on the best bits. For the first time in a long while I can close my wardrobe, have space in drawers and also have room for new purchases. She identified the gaps and had great suggestions for those difficult “smart casual” occasions – the ones which are not work, not casual and not formal. It was a really useful, fun and not at all stressful evening. Highly recommended for helping see the wood for the trees.”

Merrin, Accountant

“I called upon Anna for help just as I was returning to work after baby number two. With a postnatal body that I wasn’t overly comfortable with, and immense time constraints which eliminated the ability to peruse shops for hours on end, Anna provided an abundance of support, clarity, focus and inspiration to get my wardrobe working with me, rather than against me as it had been for some time. Within minutes Anna had a good feel of what style I leaned towards so that the suggestions she made were never out of my comfort zone. Within the hour she had drawn up a succinct list of key items to fill the gaps in my wardrobe, detailing the most suitable colours, materials, cut, shape, and shops likely to suit me best.

The time and money spent with Anna has been an investment that I continue to get a great return on. I now have the confidence to buy items, knowing that they will complement the staple pieces I already have, and am building up a wardrobe that works for me. Whereas before I would wander aimlessly through racks of clothes, I can now have a quick glance at colours and shapes, and know within seconds whether it is a shop worth exploring, or if I needn’t waste my time. Invaluable tools for the busy working Mum!”

Claire, Market research manager

“……. I don’t know whether you are aware of the long lasting impact of your work, but ever since I had the wardrobe session with you, I’ve had people at work say they like the odd outfit I’m wearing, but yesterday someone actually asked whether I’d had a wardrobe makeover as they had noticed a different style about me and the clothes I am wearing (and I haven’t bought anything new!) I think the clarity in the wardrobe must have inspired me….Thank you!”

Kate, Magazine Style Director

“……. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with my new wardrobe! I keep opening them and feeling like a proud mother. Particularly pleased with the bags and scarves sections!…. I will keep up your good work as it’s going to make life so much easier. ”

Stephanie, Full time Mother

“It met my expectations – and more. The shopping list was invaluable, as I’ll use it for a long time to come! It was really helpful to learn new brands and get a better feel for where I could be shopping that I’ve previously missed.”

Georgina, Full time Mother

“I think of you every time I go shopping and wish you were with me!”

Photography by Sam Scott.


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