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I talked to Charlie Gowans- Eglinton this week about milestone birthday’s and how to approach them sartorially. After I turned 40 I actually started experimenting more. I felt I knew my style well and could truly embrace and develop it. More colour, more dramatic silhouettes and better jewellery! I honestly believe that there shouldn’t be rules for dressing based on age. Not ever. The most relevant questions to ask are: Are you wearing what suits you best? Are you making the most of yourself and are you feeling good and having fun with your clothing choices? That is what matters. What do you think?





If you’re agonising over what to wear on a first date then give Charlie Gowans-Eglington’s piece the once over. I discussed some tips on how to approach dressing for dates; what to wear, and perhaps more crucially, what not to wear!

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I am endlessly fascinated by the conundrum of working out how many clothes we actually require. It’s a constant dialogue with client’s and industry colleagues. As I get to delve into multiple wardrobes it’s clear that we all have far more than we need or can actually wear. I discussed this with Bethan Holt at The Telegraph recently and she has published a brilliant piece on the subject. See the link below. I also wrote about it many years ago for Red magazine (see published work page). Let me know what you think over on instagram @annaberkeleystylingburberry-embed_2673468a

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I enjoyed talking to Anna Murphy about trousers last week. Do read her recommendations for how to tackle this sometimes tricky item!  

There really is a trouser to suit every body shape no matter how hard it may seem! One of THE most important things is to have a great tailor on speed dial. There are some talented seamstresses and tailors at reputable dry cleaning businesses nationally or ask in your local boutique who they recommend. If you have any questions please give me a shout on Instagram, Facebook or email me anna@annaberkeley.com

Anna x

The Times latest gem on what to wear for work, weekend, evening and occasion dressing. I wrote the comments for occasion wear. Any questions give me a shout on Instagram or twitter!

For the full article please click on the link http://nuk-tnl-deck-prod-static.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/projects/d8c9d05ec6e86d5bbad7a2f88a1701d0.html



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Kate Finnigan called on me to help her organise and cleanse her wardrobe in readiness for the summer months. In a wonderfully witty piece (in Stella magazine last weekend) Kate explains the process we went through and how she felt about it. Client’s are often nervous before a wardrobe session as they worry about what I am going to think of what lies within. Believe me when I say that I like nothing more than rolling up my sleeves and sifting through other people’s clothes. I’ve seen it all and I don’t bat an eyelid. Rails full of clothes with their tags on? Yep. Clothes that your childhood friends would remember you playing in? Check. Pieces you’ve kept because you wore them once, to a special event, twenty years ago, and you never know – you might need them again? You bet. We all do this and we could all, with the possible exception of Marie Kondo, do with a clear out. It’s cathartic and fun and gives your wardrobe a new lease of life.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. If you have too many clothes you will struggle to make outfits. You will never, ever, be able to wear them all unless you’re a royal princess or starring in a west end play with multiple outfit changes.  I encourage all my clients to wave goodbye to clothes that don’t suit them thereby allowing space for ones that make them look and feel amazing. You may have spent an obscene amount on a garment and can’t bear to let it go for that very reason. This is a false economy. The money is spent. It’s gone. You have used the item (hopefully) and enjoyed it. Now it’s time to move on. In certain cases you can recoup some of your money by using eBay, designer seconds shops or one of the many online sources such as buymywardrobe. Either way, it’s worse to have clothes you never wear languishing in your wardrobe and making you feel guilty about not wearing them, than it is to give them to a worthy cause or sell them on. Go on. Clear them out and make room for hard-working clothes that actually suit you.