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This is the starting point for a successful re-style. Understanding and accepting your body shape is the key to dressing well. Body mapping is a simple, practical and wholly positive approach. I visit you at your home, we will go through a range of styling questions and then study your shape (fully clothed!). Afterwards we create a life-sized body map, a little like a tailor’s dummy, with notes to explain what you should wear for each clothing category – coats, jackets, trousers, skirts, shoes etc. We also examine your face shape and discuss jewellery and hair. The body map takes two hours. It is a fun, yet rigorous session enabling you to truly understand and embrace your shape and see what really suits you. Say goodbye to expensive mistakes as the body map gives you a unique blueprint for all future purchases. Once you know what works for you it really is possible to look good on any budget.

Time 2.5 hours

Price £250


This is another wonderful way to kick-start a revamp or simply to learn how to look your best. Choosing and wearing the right colours can have a massive impact on the way you see yourself and the way others view you. It can make you look younger, slimmer and healthier. It can make you feel happier and more positive. It can change the way employers and other colleagues perceive you. The colour workshop is a one and a half to two hour session at your home. We will go through a range of styling questions and then move on to examine skin tone, contrasts and your overall colour picture. We will concentrate on clothing and accessories but will also touch on hair and make up. You will receive a bespoke basic set of colour swatches to take out with you when you’re shopping. This will usually comprise around 20 different colours.

Time 1.5 -2 hours

Price £150


With this session I ask all my clients to help prepare the groundwork. Before we meet I will send you a list of sections to sort your wardrobe into e.g. Not worn in two years. I do this so that the client has time to start to think through their choices, to look at and consider each piece alone before we discuss them together. This has proven highly successful in getting the most out of the session. Rather than me spending time wading through your cupboards and drawers we can hit the ground running by looking at each organised section. I can focus on looking at outfits on the body, considering your lifestyle needs, discussing practical requirements and helping you see what works for your shape.

The wardrobe management session is a three-hour appointment at your home. We will decide what to keep and what to discard. All suggestions will be talked through and you are under no obligation to follow all my advice!

At the end you will have a skeleton of your perfect new wardrobe. I can also provide a shopping list at an additional cost after this session. (Please note, this session is only for the season we are in when we meet.)

Time 3 hours

Price £300


A brilliant way to rejuvenate and rediscover your style using your own clothes! This session will make your wardrobe work harder for you. We will discuss your lifestyle and clothing needs and then work on a few key outfits (driven entirely by what you need most). We will discuss gaps and take photographs of all the outfits both on and off the body. This session lasts three hours.

Time 3 hours

Price £300


Prior to our personal shopping session we will meet for a complimentary half hour informal chat. This is so I can understand exactly what you need, what your budget is and to meet you in person. We will discuss your current style, your lifestyle needs, any special issues and focus on what you are looking for during our shop.

The personal shop is a three and a half hour appointment at an agreed shopping area (usually central London). I will have done all the preparation in the previous week , visiting all the stores I think will work for your specific requirements and making a shopping plan for us. We then shop and try on, buying as we go. You are under no obligation to buy anything I have selected for you.

Time 3.5 hours

Price £375


Prior to our wedding shopping session we will meet for a complimentary hour informal chat. This is so I can understand exactly what you need, what sort of day you are planning, your innate style, what your budget is and to meet you in person.

The wedding dress shop is a three and a half hour appointment at an agreed shopping area (usually central London). I will have done all the preparation in the previous weeks , making all the appointments for you, visiting all the stores and ensuring we can create the style you want.  I will then make a shopping plan and discuss this with you.

Time 3.5 hours

Price £425



This is only available after a wardrobe management session, outfit building or body map.  This is because I need to have seen your current wardrobe, looked at your shape and to have worked with you in order to fully understand your needs.
Your shopping list comprises all the items I would suggest you buy to complete and enhance your wardrobe based on body shape, style and budget. The list is emailed to you with url links for online shopping and brand/shop suggestions.

Prices start at £125 for a basic list


This is available as a standalone service. I will organise and re-pack your wardrobe so that is easier to navigate and quicker for you to get dressed. We can discuss how you need it to work for your lifestyle and decide on a wardrobe plan together.

Price dependent on size of wardrobe. Please call to discuss.


Please note ALL sessions are available as bespoke packages. Please call or email me to discuss.

Some popular examples of packages are below:


This is a five hour appointment at your home. We will create your own body map revealing your shape and what suits you. We will look at different style options and talk through silhouettes, details and fabrics. We will then build a few outfits that work well on you from your current wardrobe. If required, I can take digital pictures of you in your outfits which can be stuck on the inside of your wardrobe for reference.

Time 5.5 hours

Price £525


All details as above. This session lasts four hours at your home (or mine if you prefer).

Time 4.5 hours

Price £380


All details as above. This session lasts 8 hours or it can be split into two sessions.

Time 8 hours (one day)

Price £800

Photography by Sam Scott.


  1. Hi there I’m interested in body mapping but don’t live in the uk but will be visiting in late July:early August but wasn’t sure if you see international clients? Whereabouts are you based? I’ll be in Chelsea. I look forward to hearing from you. Amanda

  2. Would like to book a body mapping session having read about it in The Times. Email address is ladykingston @ Thank you.

  3. I would like to book for a body mapping session following the article in yesterday’s Times. Could not find an obvious place to do this.

  4. You don’t say where you are based. I live between Bedford and Milton Keynes .. do you operate here?

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