Three days, three ways: Stripes and cream


I wanted to try a spring outfit today. You can do this sort of look right away by layering tights (as I have) and a thermal under the shirt. Sling a cosy knit around your shoulders too if you like. The culotte/looser trouser shape is not going anywhere so embrace them now. If you have long legs, great, if not, you can wear them; but with this caveat, you must add heels or wedges or you will look positively minuscule. The outfit works just as well with slim, low cut ankle boots, courts or even strappy heels. The pale blue shirt feels fresh and I’ve tucked it in to reveal the higher waist. I have short legs so anything that obscures this waistline would look ‘off’ and out of proportion. High waists are good on short leg/long body types but check your ‘rear view’ is OK! I don’t like the way the higher waists look on my bum, it’s all that fabric, so I left the shirt untucked at the back to break things up.

Shirt as before, trousers from Zara (, tights by Falke (, shoes by Miu Miu (



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