‘Sex in the city ‘Christmas


It’s a long running Christmas tradition for a big group of us to get together for a fun fancy dress party each year. The dressing up theme was the letter ‘C’. I plumped for Carrie Bradshaw of ‘Sex in the city’ fame. Only snag being that my wig (granted, it was bought in a hurry on the way to the party) was more Dolly Parton than Carrie, so it took guests a while to figure out who I was. I enjoyed the extreme girliness of the outfit; I did not stick rigidly to the look she wears in the opening credits, preferring instead to have a tulle skirt made without tiers so that I could wear it again. Having searched fruitlessly for weeks online I ended up on the ground floor of Maculloch and Wallis merrily flicking through their tulle selection, before popping upstairs for a length of white and silver lurex elastic for the waistband.  The skirt was made at my local dry cleaners for £25. The vest top meant I was borderline hypothermic by the end of the night but at least I remained in character.

Vest top from Gap (http://www.gap.com), tulle skirt made by my local dry cleaners and fabric purchased at Maculloch and Wallis (www.maccullochwallis.co.uk), sandals by Miu Miu (www.selfridges.com).



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