Oscar favourites past and present

Everyone’s voting on their favourites so I thought I would join the throng. Here are my choices – some date back to the sixties, but most are from the last few years. My vote always goes to someone who dares to push the boundaries a little, whilst still choosing a shape that shows off their best assets. Kate Blanchett, Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Watts are particularly adept at it.

Charlize Theron has very slight hips so this peplum shape gives her a wonderful sculpted form. Gwyneth’s caped outfit is so perfect, it’s fierce, yet soft, commanding, yet alluring, and she looks so relaxed in it. Charlize again in a silvery confection, I especially like her hairstyle with this dress.


A showcase of Cate! Powerful, sexy and edgy.

Julianne Moore’s rich green ruffle front dress offsets her auburn hair and alabaster skin absolutely perfectly.


Barbara Streisand in the sixties. So cute, very Marc Jacobs! Shame about the Star Trek meets medieval courtier in the background!

Halle Berry and Susan Sarandon both chose rich, jewel like colours  that made them shine. Susan’s shows off her great arms and Halle’s asymetrical dropped skirt wraps around her curves just so.


Now. I know that Gywneth’s Ralph Lauren dress did not fit her bust, but the colour and the romance of it made up for it. Hilary Swank’s backless wonder and Michelle William’s frothy buttercup are exquisite.



Last, but not least. I love a one shoulder number and this futuristic Armani creation is an outright winner.



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